Blip Collaborative Tales Project

[update: the Project “Home” was moved to, all news, info and project updates will be published in there, the official Blip Collaborative Tales Project blog]

[update: new directives added – story start day and deadline]

[update: new directives added – story consolidation dates and do-not-finish rule]

[update: english music only]

Hey, Blip children.

I was thinking about doing a “Blip Collaborative Tales Project“.

A DJ blips a song and tells part of the story and indicates another Blip DJ to continue the story on it’s blip and so forth…

Blip Collaborative Tales Project Directives

  • The first story will begin to be told on Friday,  December 20th, 2008, 20h00 GMT.
  • The first story will end on Monday,  January 19th, 2009, 20h00 GMT.
  • In order to reach a broader audience and allow people with different perspectives and culture participate, the music titles and lyrics must be english written.
  • The text must be related to the song AND really connect to the previous blip/part and the whole story.
  • The DJ must choose another DJ only from the favorites list of blip_tales user.
  • The chosen DJ must contribute within 1 day. If he/she does not, the previous DJ must choose another DJ to contribute.
  • The DJ telling the story must not choose the 3 previous DJ to be the next teller.
  • Everyone must use the use this format: @blip_tales the story following the previows dj and related to the music you just blipped @thefollowingdjname
  • The blip text must be in english. Avoid using abbreviations.
  • The blips telling the story will be mixed and consolidated weekly on the Blip Tales profile, on 
  • do-not-finish-it rule: posts ending the story before the last 3 days won’t be accepted. The last 3 DJs must collaborate to give a good/proper end right in the deadline date.
  • This a collaborative project. So, remember to keep the work and the story that came before you and do not make things too hard to the DJ following you. Sharing, articulation, understanding and collaboration are key points in this project.
  • All news, info and project updates will be published in the official Blip Collaborative Tales Project blog

I will be responsible for consolidate the story, weekly, by the user Blip Tales (blip_tales) and as soon as i get enough confirmations, i will start it (we already have enough participants and the story begins this friday. Check the dates above)

How to join the Blip Collaborative Tales Project

For this first phase, only invited DJs will be part of it, but, if a bliper wants to participate, he/she must blip a music with the following text:

@blip_tales application. I want to tell a story too.

The participants list will be the favorites DJs of the blip_tales user. If you not in this list, you are not accepted yet. (remember, i’m worker and student)

All said, I’m waiting for your replies and applications.

See ya, hear ya, read ya.

Celso Bessa ( )

PS: Don’t you know what Blip.FM is? Take a look here and here.


7 respostas em “Blip Collaborative Tales Project

  1. Wow, Celso. que idéia legal! Vou ler de novo com calma e acho que será um hit! Sou professora de inglês e acho que esta é uma idéia que adaptaria para a sala de aula e agora posso falar com alguns professores para participar. Inclusive, cheguei aqui por causa de um tweet na minha rede.

  2. Show de bola Carla. Pode ter certeza que ficarei contente com cada contribuidor que surgir!

    Assim que tiver umas 15 confirmações, começo a estória.

    Obrigado pelo comentário e pelo interesse!


    Celso Bessa

  3. Olha só quem está aqui, o Webdigão/Redatozim.

    ‘bora juntar esses redatozins todos e redigir.


    Celso Bessa

  4. pode contar comigo, Celso. Já te adicionei lá no blip. Um…eu tenho uns ex-alunos de uma banda que estava bombando em brasília chamada watson. Posso ver com eles se eles participariam…

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